Chic Vow, Modern Wow: Your Love, Your Rules.

A wedding planning process that fits YOU. Coordination, full planning, and event design that complements you and your person.


Let’s team up to make your own rules, set up unique traditions, and celebrate your values.

Wedding planning should feel like your blank canvas:

You have the freedom to make it what you want. Sure, we can grab inspo from Pinterest or Instagram, but your canvas is wide open to add your personal touch. 

Your love story? It's rule-free, boundary-less, and no one can tell you what's right or wrong. That's exactly how your big day should feel too. 

From helping you to manage picky family members to navigating which traditions you actually want to incorporate, you can trust me to be your guide and friend through this process.


Client Love Letters

“Ashley will make your day spectacular!

I had the pleasure of working with Ashley for my 8/14 wedding at Bonnie Blues Event Venue in Colorado. From our initial communications to wedding day Ashley was attentive, helpful, and so professional! Ashley truly made our wedding day so special and cared about our specific wants and needs for our wedding day. Ashley thought of everything and had so much attention to detail. Even if you think you’re the most organized bride, having an Ashley by your side will take your planning experience to a new level. We loved working with her, everyone needs an Ashley on their big day.”

- Kaitlin & Kyle

At the heart of my wedding planning services is a commitment to customization. I understand that each couple is unique, and that's why I tailor my planning approach to your specific needs. Together, let's craft a wedding planning adventure that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations, creating memories that reflect the authenticity of your love story.

Your journey, with all its intricacies and brilliance, deserves a planner who understands and celebrates the essence of who you are.

OliveBlack Services

Investment: $7,500

Full Wedding Planning & Design 

Perfect for the busy or introverted couple who’s overwhelmed just at the thought of handling all the wedding logistics and decisions. This isn't just another wedding planning service; it's a tailored experience designed to harmonize with your unique identity.

With our full planning package, your dream wedding becomes reality. Our expert team of top-tier vendors ensures flawless execution, from crafting the perfect atmosphere to flawless event design, ensuring your special day is truly unforgettable.


Average investment is $5,000

Partial Wedding Planning & Design

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by the sea of choices? No sweat! Our partial design package is tailored for couples who want to be hands-on with planning but could use a little extra flair in bringing their design vision to life.

Our partial planning service is your secret weapon, you get all the perks of our comprehensive wedding management package, but with a special focus on personalized design assistance.

From curating the perfect color palette to sourcing exquisite floral arrangements, rentals, and lighting, we'll handle all the design-related details, ensuring every aspect of your wedding day reflects your unique style and personality.

With this package, you'll have the best of both worlds: the joy of hands-on planning and the peace of mind that comes with expert design assistance every step of the way. Imagine me as your wedding fairy godmother, sprinkling design magic throughout your special day. I'll be your dedicated design partner, swooping in to enhance every aspect of your wedding vision.


Wedding coordination: $2,500

Wedding Coordinator / Event Management

If you have most of the planning complete and need a professional to step in to ensure your day is stress-free, this is for you! 

Picture me as your personal wedding genie, ready to make your dreams come true; I'll seamlessly take the reins, connecting the dots, liaising with vendors, crafting floor plans, and weaving timelines that even the most detail-oriented bride wouldn't anticipate.


Need a detail-oriented partner in your planning?

From wedding design to venue research to consultations, I offer a variety of add-ons to take more off your plate. 

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Ready to snag a wedding planning BFF? 

Wedding planning lights a fire in my heart because of my own journey. I'm here to guide couples, making sure you sidestep bumps with ease. I wish I could say my journey was all the pretty and sparkly moments, but the truth is, if given the chance, I'd redo everything.

I strongly believe that weddings are a luxury, not just in terms of the price tag, but in the sense that they deserve utmost attention and care. 

YOUR wedding day should receive genuine consideration and thoughtfulness. The decision to celebrate this milestone is a testament to the significance of your love story. It's not just about throwing a celebration for the sake of tradition or the expectation of others.



Ashley Sanchez

Let’s customize and break the rules of wedding planning.

I approach my wedding planning process like we're in a relationship. No overwhelming forms, spreadsheets, or portals here. It's all about collaboration, diving into your thoughts, and discovering your unique wedding vision together. I talk to my couples as if we've been friends for years, because that's how I believe we can extract honest thoughts and feelings.

Feel a burst of inspiration at 2 AM? Text me! I want to hear all your ideas! Even if I'm in the middle of my errands. I might spot something perfect for your wedding and shoot you a text right back.

While I'm professional in the business sense—handling meetings, contracts, and the formalities—our planning journey goes beyond paperwork. It's a relationship built on trust, genuine connection, and the excitement of creating something genuine and truly special for your big day.