Let’s create something that fully reflects you.

OliveBlack was created with the purpose of helping you to create a wedding experience that fully represents you — there's no right or wrong and no boundaries dictating what defines you. Wedding planning is the ultimate blank canvas, allowing you to craft one of the most significant moments of your lives exactly the way you envision it.



With 4+ years of professional experience in the wedding planning industry, I've always been the go-to planner within my family, friends, and work groups since I was in high school. Planning and executing events are natural abilities of mine fueled by my major OCD and a thriving need for organized chaos-- and that's what wedding planning is to me, organized chaos :)

Experiencing a handful of underwhelming moments during my own wedding planning journey is what drives my commitment to providing more than 110% for my couples, regardless of the service level. My goal is to ensure they look back at their wedding day and confidently say it was everything and more.



Meet Ashley

Your wedding confidante & expert designer

The cheesier the love story, the greater the love.

The thought of how this is my reality never fails to give me butterflies. 

As cheesy as it may sound, I find myself falling in love with my husband every single day. The thought of how this is my reality never fails to give me butterflies. 
Our home is filled with the pitter-patter of not-so-little-anymore paws. Ziggy, the wise old Boxer-Pit, and Sihtric, named after 'The Last Kingdom,' the Terrier Pit, is the absolute definition of the mischievous younger sibling.

While our hearts and days are wrapped in the love, snuggles, and licks from our furry companions, we can't help but dream about having little minions of our own.

Since 2016, our journey took unexpected turns with two ectopic pregnancies, each resulting in the loss of my tubes. It was a heart-wrenching experience that forced my husband and me to face a significant hurdle on our path to having children.

Amidst heartbreaks and nights filled with tears, even moments of depression, we found strength in making the decision to explore the IVF journey. Despite the challenges, we keep our smiles and positivity intact, holding onto the hope that one day our home will echo with the laughter of our little ones.

As cheesy as it may sound, I find myself falling in love with my husband every single day. 

Looking back, although it was a wonderful day marrying my best friend, I realize the value of having a wedding planner. Someone to ensure all important elements were included, manage logistics, and guide me through the do's and don'ts, so that I didn’t need to overwhelm myself with questions and regrets.

With the lessons learned from my own wedding, I am dedicated to being there for my couples. I want to ensure they don't miss a single detail, capture every significant moment, and, most importantly, experience a day that perfectly aligns with their vision.


My journey to OliveBlack Events

My goal is for you to look back at your wedding and feel that every second was exactly what you envisioned.

While planning, organizing, and delegating have always come naturally to me, what truly fueled my commitment to give my couples everything was my own wedding experience. Despite my innate organization and attention to detail, planning my wedding, a first-time endeavor, revealed the intricacies and nuances I hadn't anticipated.

I found myself prioritizing quantity over quality, and while that has its advantages, it undeniably comes with its drawbacks.. I was overlooking crucial details that could have elevated the day.

I honestly questioned whether my grandma, who was in a wheelchair, was taken care of adequately. Did she have a good time? Was she looked after? I was so overwhelmed with the day itself, I didn't even think to check up on her.

And then I started asking all the questions: Why didn't my wedding coordinator advise against open seating? Why didn't my photographer suggest a better spot for my family photos? 

Client Love Letters

“Incredible Wedding Planner!

When my fiancé and I got engaged, we initially thought we could plan our wedding in Denver while living in Orlando. Boy, were we so wrong. After looking into hiring a wedding planner, Ashley was by far the most responsive, honest, and genuine to talk to. We booked their partial wedding planning service, and it was by far the best wedding expense we paid for. We met with her often through video to review budgets, vendors, vision, etc. She was so attentive to how we were doing, worked with our busy schedules, and was always so prompt. There were a few things to work through with our vendors, but Ashley handled them with professionalism and always had our best interest in mind. I cannot picture my wedding planning experience without her! When the wedding day was approaching soon, Ashley wrote out a very detailed Day Of Timeline down to the minute which was so helpful for everyone! On the day of, I felt nothing but relaxed, excited and pure joy knowing that she had handled anything and everything for me.”

- Hannah & Devon

I might be your Colorado wedding planner if…


You find joy in dreaming up unique ideas but may feel overwhelmed when it comes to organizing them. If your mind is racing with a million ideas, but organizing them feels daunting, that’s where I come in!

Bombard me with your thoughts and ideas, and I'll expertly organize them into a cohesive plan that makes sense and brings your vision to life, without you having a mental breakdown.. because we've all been there! :(

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You’re struggling to find the balance between pleasing your friends and family while staying true to your desires. I completely understand—it happens. I'm here to help you navigate those decisions and ensure that your day remains authentic to you, because YOUR day deserves that.

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You have close friends and family members who unintentionally, or maybe even intentionally, share their views and opinions on your wedding. 

Sometimes, you just need someone to openly hear your ideas and chat about your wedding. That's where I come in. Beyond being a planner, I aim to be your honest and unbiased wedding planning BFF. I believe in real talk; I'll share my insights on what looks great and what might need a tweak. Think of me as your sweet devil's advocate, helping you navigate between dreams and reality.

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You’ve created your dream wedding board but find yourself pulled in every direction by demanding work and personal schedules. 

If you're certain about your dream wedding celebration but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of managing it amidst your already hectic lifestyle, consider me your ally in ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. We'll discuss your vision and customize our planning approach to match your schedule and needs.

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OliveBlack’s Values

Lessons from Personal Experience:

My personal experience as a bride and having planned my own wedding gives me a unique perspective. The lessons learned from planning my own, including the challenges and realizations, allows me to connect with my clients on a more empathetic level.

Personalized Relationship Approach:

My commitment to treating the planning process as a genuine relationship, emphasizing collaboration and understanding, sets me apart from planners who may adopt a more formal or transactional approach.

Attention to Detail and Organizational Skills:

My innate ability to focus on details and maintain organizational excellence, coupled with my realization that even the most organized individuals can miss critical elements, sets me apart as someone who values perfection and continuous improvement.

Honest Reflection and Growth:

My openness about areas where I felt my own wedding planning fell short, and my willingness to learn and grow from those experiences, demonstrates a commitment to transparency, self-improvement, and providing an even better service to my clients.

Passionate Advocacy for Quality:

While I love a good deal, I advocate for my clients to prioritize quality when at all possible. Take it from me and my own wedding journey, you don't want to cut corners on your big day! Quality doesn't necessarily mean wasteful spending, but investing in what matters most to you, and paying for vendors and experiences that will make your wedding celebrations that much better.

“If you're looking for an incredible wedding/event planner, Ashley is who you want!

I've worked with dozens of planners and Ashley is hands down the best. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients have an amazing experience and somehow makes it look effortless. Plus, she's just a great person and a joy to work with. Hire Ashley, you will be so happy you did!”

- Marty Nightengale (DJ)